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Why list your transport company on UlaCab.com?


* Be part of the Global Supplier Network Community to receive direct bookings from our customers

Grow your business

  • Diversify your source of income
  • Grow your ground transportation business with direct local & international bookings
  • Increase your run-rate (# of bookings) and revenue per vehicle

Reach more travellers

  • We regularly advertise both online (digital marketing) & offline (roadshows) to reach local & international customers
  • We bring your brand to international travelers and partners browsing our catalogue every day for reliable transport companies
  • Get bookings directly from our fast-growing network of international partners and travelers


  • We list your company with your name, your logo and your fleet
  • Our transparent and reliable payment system means that you will get paid for every successful booking, on a monthly basis

Receive Global Bookings from UlaCab.com

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We connect leisure & business travellers bookings directly with the local transport operators to fulfil last-mile transfers.

We work with global booking partners, online & off-line travel agents and corporates who use UlaCab.com platform to book Airport, Cruise & Ground Transfers, and we’d love to work with you!

On Successful booking you will receive instant confirmation, with the bookings details sent to your registered email with ulacab.com and/or directly sent to fleetcrm.io platform (optional)

Get paid via PayPal, Payoneer or Bank Transfers*

Manage your bookings, track transfers and see earnings grow!

Offline quotes via email or chat for special customer requirements or bookings

Customer Star Ratings, Reviews and Supplier Reliability Scores on every transfer provided help you take corrective actions internally to improve the service delivery.

*Minimum transfer amount applies per service providers

Why should I sign-up? | What’s in for me?

First, 1,000 Transport Operators globally (limited up to 3 per city) to receive FREE FleetCRM.io (web & mobile app) for LIFE to manage your entire Transport Operations at ZERO cost!

What’s included as part of this life-time deal,

  • Manage your Corporate, Travel Agents & Other Customers by setting unique rate cards based on individual or similar contract terms
  • Manage Own & Contract Drivers by setting unique rate cards based on individual or similar pay-out terms
  • One Mobile APP for your Customers, Back-Office, Drivers & Suppliers
  • Create, Level, Assign & Dispatch bookings to Own, Contract and 3rd party supplier driver networks
  • Generate Invoices for your corporate credit Customers for completed bookings
  • Generate Pay Vouchers for Drivers & Suppliers for any period

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