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Intercity One-way Drop Taxi Transfer/ Point to Point services in Dubai

The need to one way intercity transfers arise when we are planning to travel on leisure for a staycation or when we plan for a longer duration of stay in another city. The point to point travel has to be planned to well ahead to hire a one way drop taxi that is reliable and comfortable without compromising on the safety of the travelers. The door to door pick up and drop makes the travelers feel at ease right from the moment they start traveling.

Pros of pre-booking intercity one-way drop taxi in Dubai

One way transfers dubai

While we travel outside the city to attend an important event or to get into a holiday mood or some family meet ups, we should first get a one way drop taxi that satisfies:

  • Safety of the travelers on board.

  • well maintained cabs for the smooth travel.

  • highly reliable chauffeur who will drive the cab with your convenience as the priority.

  • a vehicle that would accommodate the whole of the family without any comfort issues

  • on-time pick up at the said location

So, choosing a reliable travel partner is the foremost step one would have to take , for the intercity travel planned.

Considering the above said factors, we can spend some time to figure out the best travel partner, at the affordable price, that would work for us in every aspect.

Why choose ulacab for one way transfers services in Dubai?

When it comes to travel, the foremost point is to ensure reliability of the travel partner. ulacab with its wheels, connecting journeys in 60+ countries and more than 150 cities, has been a trustworthy travel companion to the customers, who were never disappointed by the service that they had enjoyed. The user friendly global web app enables the customer to pre-book all their services needed, being in any part of the world. The highly competitive fares for the level of comfort and luxury involved, is a lucrative factor with ulacab. The all inclusive pricing system enables you to pay in a single transaction and you will never have to shell out even a penny while on the go. Feel truly relaxed in your choice of vehicle and enjoy the travel with the professional chauffeur. With the customer support ready to handle all your queries 24/7, through the year, ulacab prioritizes customer contentment.</p>

How to book One way city transfer in Dubai with ulacab?

1. Kindly visit our global web booking website and start the booking process either as a guest or logging in as a customer.
2. Enter all the passenger details with request of any add-ons like a child booster seat if needed for your travel.
3. Choose the vehicle of your choice according to your comfort levels and number of passengers.
4. Complete the booking process and pay the all inclusive fare and Once the payment is complete, all the details of the vehicle and the chauffeur will be sent to the registered email id.

Things to Do Dubai

Abu Dhabi – The capital city of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, is the second most populous emirate, next to Dubai. The federal and the local governments offices are based in this city. The massive oil and gas reserves in the city has contributed to the total transformation of the small fishing village into the amazing metropolitan city, attracting tourists from all over the world with its iconic attractions.

Yas Island Ferrari World – One of the World’s leading theme park, Ferrari World, with it’s high velocity thrilling rides, based on the theme of Ferrari is sure to excite all the adventure lovers. With its 40 adrenaline pumping rides, including the world’s fastest roller coaster Formula Rossa, which reaches a speed of 240kmph in 4.9 seconds, makes your heart race and take you to the peaks of thrills and chills.

Being the first and only Ferrari branded theme park in the globe, the extraordinary experience of driving a Ferrari on your own, around the Yas Island roads, with the Ferrari trained instructor to guide you to drive it would be the greatest moment in every Ferrari lover’s life.

The magic shows that you can watch while relaxing from the rides keeps you amused and excited. Savor the delicacies of the Italian Cuisine to gear up the energy levels for the ultimate fun and enjoyment at the rides. Get exhilarated by the exclusive access to the Italian Supercars and their legends. A perfect place to go for the car maniacs who would relish every moment of their time spent there, The Ferrari World at AbuDhabi is a never to miss attraction while in the UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Established in 2017, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is an iconic architectural marvel, which depicts the rich cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. It was aimed to signify the tolerance in the religion of Islam and to depict the values of coexistence and respect for cultural pluralism. Attracting more than a million visitors every year globally, this mosque hosts many activities and initiatives to stand as a center for communication between the different communities and people of the world. Being ranked as one of the top cultural destinations in the world, the Grand Mosque emphasizes on the noble deeds of the late founder Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and wills to set up Islamic institutes in various parts of the world through its acts of tolerance and coexistence.

Emirates Palace Hotel – The luxury five star hotel in the capital city, is constructed basically with the Islamic architecture with the right blend of modern trends in design and construction. The central dome along with 114 domes are spread across the building. The third most costliest hotel on the planet next to the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas and the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, The Emirates Palace, is decked with gold in every possible furnishings inside the suites and residences. The Penthouse suites are reserved only for the Royal Dignitaries. The Hotel is open for the visitors who would like to dine in to experience the finest cuisines from the international restaurants and take pictures of the amazingly designed domes, picked with gold. The go to place where you can witness and experience the heights of luxury with the splendor of gold and marble around you, The Emirates Palace Hotel is an exemplary destination.

L’ouvre Museum – The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a brand-new cultural icon that unites various civilizations to shed new light on the common human tales.

Louvre Abu Dhabi was first established in March 2007. The Louvre Abu Dhabi was built on Saadiyat Island as part of a first of its kind partnership between the UAE and France for cultural exchange. The collaboration would bring together France’s expertise in the field of art and museums with the UAE’s strong goal of cultural advancement and openness. It would investigate the universal themes that characterize and unite humanity.

Abu Dhabi’s Louvre is the outcome. It honors the colorful multicultural heritage of the Arabian Peninsula while illustrating the present day Arab world. The loan of artworks to this UAE museum is organized by Agency France-Museums, a consortium of 17 of France’s most prominent cultural institutions, which also offers management tips.

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