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What is Intercity Two way transfer / Roundtrip in Dubai?

When we have to attend a meeting in the neighboring town or we are invited to a family event in the native town or we may wish to go for a trip to tour the attractions in the next city and at the same time, we don't want to get stressed by driving our own cars, instead, wanted to enjoy the travel time with the family and friends who would accompany you in the trip, and return back home after the purpose is met, then pre-book for an intercity two way transfer with ulacab. While you are at the other city, the private taxi you have hired with ulacab will be with you to take you around in that city as per your plans and then bring you back home to drop you off at your doorstep

Why choose ulacab as Intercity cab service provider Dubai?

When you have decided to do an intercity transfer booking and searching for some reliable service provider who would assure you of the safety and comfort while traveling long distances by road and at the same time affordable pricing range for the given specifications of the vehicle and the number of days of travel, ulacab would prove to be your best travel companion.

No hassles of trying to book some bus tickets to take you to the other city and no uncertainty of how comfortable the ride would be. Ulacab allows you to pre-book the vehicle of your choice depending on the number of people traveling with you, the level of luxury you would like to enjoy.

Intercity Two way Transfers Dubai
Outstation Cabs Dubai at Ulacab

The professional chauffeurs are polite and compassionate that they would assure the best travel experience with your family and friends. Safety and reliability are the main factors that would matter to anyone while riding a private taxi for days together. Ulacab assures the travelers of these main aspects.

Why should I pre-book intercity round trip / two-way transfers Dubai?

  • To alleviate the stress caused by self driving.
  • To sit back and have a relaxed ride, comfortable and convenient with your near and dear ones.
  • To make the most of the time in the destination city, as you can concentrate on the activities you have planned for the day rather than worrying about t he process of driving from one place to another.
  • Pre-booking allows you to plan the trip well in advance so that you do not land in last minute hassles of preparing for the travel.
  • Vehicles which are also chosen by us while pre-booking the online intercity transfer Dubai, will certainly deliver the best possible journey.

The chauffeurs are committed to their job and manage to handle any situations of traffic to safely drive you to your destination

How to Book Online intercity two way cabs/taxi in Dubai ?

1. Booking Outstation Cabs or taxi with Ulacab can be done at our website
2. Choose round trip or Two-way rides and Enter your pickup city and destination along with the date and time of pickup.
3. Complete Passenger details & Proceed to make payment.
4. Receive instant confirmation of the booking. The cab will reach your location at the exact time mentioned while booking for the services.

Things To Do in Dubai

Mall Of Emirates – One of the never to miss mall in the city, The Mall of Emirates houses a cini complex, to watch the Box-Office hits in luxury and style, an exclusive entertainment zone, The Dreamscape, a VR experience to shift us into immersive worlds with it’s mind-boggling technology infusions and adrenalin pumping thriller rides, the amazing very first ski resort in the middle east, Ski Dubai, which delights you with it’s adventurous activities like: the Ski Dubai Slope, to experience all the winter fun with super thrills and freezing chills, the Ski Dubai’s indoor snow park, is a winter wonderland giving the feel of the polar regions and Snow Pengiuns, the encounter with the resident colony of Gentoo and King penguins.

Apart from these, the shopping maniacs will have the best time of their lives indulging in shopping from the stores of the leading mega brands across the globe, all under the elegant fashion dome.

The finest dining experiences of the cuisines from the various flavorful destinations of the world, under the roof of this mall, will never leave any foodie disheartened.

Art, Music, Dance, Workshops and much more at the mall, always keep all the members of the family entertained all through the day.

Skydive – SkyDive, Dubai is one of the adventurous sport that is offered as a thrilling experience to those adrenalin enthusiasts. Tandem SkyDive and Gyrocopter Flight are the unique experiences one can enjoy while in Dubai. The Tandem skydive has two drop zones, one at the Desert and the other at the Palm, from where the flyers will experience a free fall at over 120 miles per hour, with the professionally trained instructor who makes the fall a memorable yet thrilling experience. With all the safety measures in place, medical insurance is included mandatorily.

Bluewater Island, Dubai – Dubai never gets sick of constructing the world’s tallest, longest, largest and all other ‘ests.’ It loves to flex its measurements, gold, infrastructure and architectural models. This means its next construction is always never less than the previous one. On the list next comes Bluewater Island, the name may not be appealing to you, but the world’s largest observation wheel Ain Dubai of 250 m will definitely grab your attention. Bluewater island is your wholesome lifestyle destination with space for entertainment, beaches, restaurants, retail and leisure. Reading a summary takes a few minutes compared to a whole novel. Similarly, Dubai being the largest city in UAE can be viewed entirely in a 40-minute ride on Ain Dubai, also called “The Eye”. Whatever is left on your list to visit in the city, can be given a glimpse if you are running out of time or budget. Explore the celestial Madame Tussauds museum filled with wax statues of your favorite stars from Justin Bieber, Jackie Chan, Virat Kohli, Lionel Messi and Oscar awardee Will Smith. Treat your tastebuds at Hell’s Kitchen inspired by Gordon Ramsay’s reality show. The red and blue kitchen serves the signature dishes of Gordan Ramsay, where beef wellington and sticky toffee pudding is a must-try dish. You can reach Blue Water Island by a foot walk or by taking a taxi from Dubai Marina.

Dubai Mall – The iconic Dubai Mall, in the heart of Downtown Dubai, enlivens the shopping and the dining experiences with over 1200 retail outlets and 200 international dining spaces. Over 100 million visitors to the mall, annually, celebrate, rejoice and relish their vacation or leisure time in Dubai, with the wide range of entertainments in the mall.

The Fashion Avenue, with 150 luxury flagship stores offering a variety of premium services to their customers in the mall and premium dining experiences give an unmatched opulence to the visitors.

Souk Al Bahar, the authentic Arab sailor’s marketplace, features 22 cafes, restaurants and lounges with 100 shops enclosed, serves as an amazing viewpoint of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain.

The Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo, featuring a 270 degree walk through tunnel, has a 10 million litre water tank housing more than 140 species of the marine animals is a marvel to enjoy with the family and friends. The different zones display the wide variety of aquatic species of animals keep the visitors awed by their magnificence in their habitat.

As a whole, the Dubai Mall serves as the ultimate destination for the whole family, with its wide spectrum of entertainment, shopping and culinary zones.</p

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