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What is a Ground Transfers?

Ground Transfers or In-Destination Transfers, are the transfers which would help you to move from one location in the city to another location in the city.

If you are a tourist, the pick up point can be, the hotel at which you stay and the drop point could be the attraction in the city, that you would like to visit, or the other way around.

If you are business or bi-leisure traveler, your pick up point can be your hotel or home and the drop off location could be your office, your friends/relatives home, a mall or the airport.

Book Online Ground Transfers in Singapore

In any metropolitan city like Singapore, where flagging a taxi (or) booking a ride hailing during peak hours are not easy task for anyone, given the shorter waiting times and the peak hour surge pricing, pre-booking the ground transfers is the smart & anxiety free solution for in-destination commuting.

Pre-Booked Singapore Ground Transportation: Why It Matters?

Pre-booked or pre-arranged ground transfers are the best possible solutions when you visit a new city or a busy city where you are not familiar with the common practices in the place or when it is very difficult to hail a taxi in the busy hours of the day.

You can pre-book your ground transfers according to your specific needs & circumstances. You can select the vehicle type suiting the family size or convenience. choose a point-2-point local ground transfers (or) hourly packages of minimum 3-hours. You can request for the add-ons like a child seat or wheelchair in case you travel with a small child or elderly companions.

All these conveniences, you can’t imagine availing, if you are gonna wait for taxis in the road. In spite of waiting for long hours in the road for a taxi, there are no benefits you are entitled at the end. You are going to get frustrated with the long queues and very high rates on the peak hours. The valuable time you get will be spent just waiting for some random taxi pick up.

So the smart way to move around the city, conveniently in the vehicle of your choice, with professional chauffeurs taking you through the safest & fastest routes of the city to drop you at your destination, is to pre-book a private cab service and enjoy the travel experience with your friends and family. Hassle-free booking procedures make the life much more easier.

Why Choose Ulacab, to book Ground Transfers in Singapore?

The ground reality in getting a taxi or booking a ride-hailing car in a busy city in the peak hours of the day is a hassle. Ulacab provides a global web app, an online booking portal, which lets the travelers pre-book their transfer services needed at any time of the day to any destination of their choice. The bookings can be done via the ulacab web app which is enabled for mobile booking too. The advantages that ulacab provides for the services booked as part of the in-destination ground transfers,

    • offers 10 mins complimentary waiting time from the time of driver arrival whereas the taxi and ride-hailing services offer lesser waiting time.
    • After successful payment, the details of the driver along with the vehicle details are sent to the passenger email address.
    • ability to choose the vehicle type, depending on the level of comfort, passenger count and luggage sizes.

What more can make your travel experience more simpler and smoother.

While booking low cost ground transfers in Singapore, Our services offered?

All types of In-Destination transfers are provided by ulacab, picking up from the,

    • hotel/home to the attractions in the city
    • attractions to your hotel/home
    • one attraction to another attraction in the city
    • hotel/home to the airport
    • home to the office
    • office to the meeting venues

So where ever you wish to travel, ulacab can be your ideal travel partner for the commuting needs anywhere in the city.

How to book Ulacab Ground Transfers service near by?

    • Please visit our website to pre-book the ground transfers.
    • Choose from the available vehicle options with the price.
    • Complete the Passenger details & Proceed to make payment.
    • Receive instant booking confirmation for the service you opted.