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What is Ground Transfers / In-Destination Transfers Dubai?

All the travel we do from one point in the city to some other point in the same city are said to be Ground Transfers. The daily need to travel from home to the office or the leisure day travel from the home to any event happening in the city or to any friends or family get togethers may be the circumstances we would like to book for a ground transfer.
Some special cases maybe situations where we would have travel plans for the whole day, like traveling to many destinations in a row after a brief halt at each of the destination. At these times, we can hire a cab that would stay with us all through the day and take us around to any destination in the city at reasonable prices.

Why its necessary to book Ground Transfers packages Dubai?

Finding a ride hailing taxi in a busy city like Dubai is very tough, especially when we are time bound. When our situation demands travel to multiple destinations within a particular span of time, its very difficult to get a taxi easily and instantly from every starting point and thus we tend to waste a lot of time waiting for taxis on the streets of Dubai, leading to frustration and a totally delayed schedule which would result in failure to complete the tasks in the given day. So, to prevent these inconveniences, we can plan the day well ahead properly by pre-booking for the ground transfers where the chauffeur would come to your doorstep in the vehicle that you have chosen and booked and will be taking you to the various places as planned and he is going to be with you for the specified hours that you have hired the vehicle for. The day can be spent well as planned without any waiting time spent on roads.

Why to choose Ulacab Cab Booking services in Dubai?

ulacab has gained the trust and reliability in over 50+countries and 160+ cities with its never failing promises of attending to the customers bookings at the right times. The plans made after making a booking with ulacab has never gone futile. The professional Chauffeurs are always at your service once they pick you up in their cars for the days trip. They are polite and compassionate to handle any customer. The affordable rates of ulacab make it highly competitive and the 24/7 call center addresses all your queries through the year. Ulacab aims at seamlessly connecting journeys, to empower the travelers, so that they make use of all the time they have in the planned manner. The wide range of vehicles available is to accommodate travel groups of any size. With the passenger comfort as the main motto, ulacab will never fail to be the best service provider for the local hourly packages in Dubai.

How to book Luxury vehicles in Dubai with ulacab?

    • Please visit our website to pre-book the ground transfers.
    • Choose from the available Luxury Vehicle options with best price.
    • Complete the Passenger details and Proceed to make payment.
    • Receive instant booking confirmation for the service you opted.

Things to do in Dubai

Al Ain Zoo – Al Ain one of the emirates of the UAE is known more for its greenery and conducive climate all through the year, unlike the other emirates of the UAE. The Zoo, founded by the Father of the Nation, Late Sheikh Zayed, in 1968, is home to a wide species of over 4000 animals from around the world. The endangered species like the Desert Antelopes and the Gazelles have been successfully bred as a part of the conservation program.

This Zoo happens to be the perfect destination for the family outing as a day packed with fun and adventure with the wildlife. There are many thrilling and unique activities in the zoo to attract all age groups in the family. The Tug Of War with the Tiger, Feeding the lions in the world’s largest man made safari, Encounter with the Penguins and the Giraffes and enjoy feeding them, The house of reptiles with the most venomous creatures in the world, the Hippopotamus and the crocodile banks and much more activities at the zoo make it a worth while place to visit while travelling to the UAE.

Al Ain Camel Market – The ships of the Desert, the camels play a very vital role in the life of the Arabs. The only mode of transport in the early days, in the hot sandy vast expanse of deserts, the camels remain the treasured and beloved animal in the history of the Arab worlds. The Al Ain’s camel market is a go to place where one can meet the camels right from the calves, the vibrant young ones suitable for races to the older matured camels ready for the breeding processes. Picture perfect moments with those native animals of the land will forever remain in the memories of the travelers.

Desert Safari – The terrain of the Arabian Peninsula is totally a Desert. But today all the cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi stand as such attractive tourist destinations with their luxury malls and hotels. To experience the real feel of being in a desert, get off to the sandy deserts outside all the city life. The Land Cruiser takes you off the roads into the desert sand dunes. The skilled drivers drive through the dunes to thrill the passengers on board. Its a unique fun experience called Dune Bashing. Camel rides, Belly Dance, Smoking with the traditional Arabian Shisha, Painting the hands with Arabic henna, taking pictures dressed up in the Arab traditional attire, Biking in the special bikes on the desert sands, Tanoura Dance and a delectable BBQ buffet under the stars will make the desert safari a memorable time spent in the desert nation.