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Day Hourly Cab Booking Singapore

What is Day/ Hourly packages services SIngapore?

Day/ Hourly package services are useful to those travelers who have a lengthy trip planned for a day with many pitstops, to complete their tasks on the fly. Making multiple taxi bookings on a single day for traveling from one place to another, with unreliable ride hailing apps will stress out the travelers. Be it a visit to all of the relatives at their homes or making a quick visit to the attractions of the city or running to different venues for back to back meetings, the Day/ Hourly car rental services offered seem the best solution to overcome the tiresome process of finding a new taxi from each pitstop. The vehicle can be chosen for a particular number of hours or it can be hired for the entire day as a whole, depending on the travelers schedules and plans.

Why to book Day/ Hourly Packages Singapore?

The reasons which would necessitate the need of Day/Hourly package cab bookings are as below,

      • Multiple stops in the city, for shorter durations.

      • Instantly board the vehicle and get moving after completing the work at a pitstop.

      • If traveling as a group on a shopping spree, the vehicles like a mini bus or a mini van can be chosen for an entire day, where all of them travel in a single vehicle to all points and they would never miss the fun of traveling with the loved ones and make the most of the moment, with laughter, fun and shutter clicks.

      • Professional Chauffeur driven luxury vehicles make the travel seem more enjoyable and stress-free.

Why to choose Ulacab for booking Day/ hourly package services in Singapore?

The travelers can entrust ulacab by vesting the sole responsibility of safe, comfortable and reliable transfers to multiple points in the same day. Ulacab with its fleet of vehicles ranging from sedans, to SUVs to mini vans and mini buses, can accommodate any requirement for a day/ hourly package. The day can be well planned in advance with the proper vehicle selection done according to the group size and the proper instructions given to the chauffeur to take around the places of interest, so that you can just sit, relax and enjoy the travel with kith and kin. Highly competitive rates are guaranteed with reasonable prices and the largest fleet of luxury vehicles, driven by professional drivers. Traveling in the same vehicle of your choice for the entire day or hours together saves a lot of time and money too. This service is available across the city state of Singapore.</p<>

How to book online Day/ hourly packages cabs in Singapore with ulacab?

Booking a Ulacab Airport Transfers online booking is extremely easy. You can book online by visiting our website to book your Day Hourly packages from anywhere at your convenience in Singapore.
Visit our online Booking Portal at website.
Enter the booking details and Choose from the AC vehicles available vehicle options with the best price
Complete Passenger details and Proceed to make payment with offer
Receive instant booking confirmation of the booking. Our customer service team will help you with a customized itinerary.

Things to do Singapore

Big Bus Tour Singapore – The Big Bus with the open top deck takes you through all the major hotels, attractions and iconic places in the city. The view from the top deck gives a spectacular view of the attractions of the city. The hop-on and hop-off can be done at any point in the city, multiple times. This allows the visitor to explore the places and attractions at their own pace. The commentaries are available in 12 different languages and there are over 33 stops at the prominent landmarks, attractions and major hotels. The bus plies in two routes to cover all the possible tourist centric places.

MBS Observatory Park – The Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with its Skypark Observatory Desk in the 56th floor, offers unmatched views of the entire city of Singapore. The durian shaped domes at the Esplanade, the man-made Supertree grove, the iconic Merlion, the lush Gradens by the Bay and the scenic view of the skyline, would make one to just get lost in the magnificence of the city state.

The “Spectra”, a night show of the fountains dancing to the tunes played with such fascinating laser beam lights, all make it worth the time spent on the Observatory Desk. The Cinemas played in the screen on the deck, looks like u watch them playing in the sky, gives a very unique experience, with the audios playing through your mobile earphones.

River Cruise/Bum board – The Singapore River Cruise, also known as the Bum Board River Cruise, is a 40 minute ride on the waters of the Singapore River, where trade flourished in the olden days. The audio commentary played on the cruise gives the complete history of the city and its history. The cruise passes by the iconic landmarks alongside the river and keep the ride an interesting one. The cruise has seats on the outer side and inner side. Passengers can choose to be seated as they wish and the rustic design of the bum boats give an antique touch to the travel experience. The cruise takes the passengers from the Clarke Quay Jetty and passes through the Boat Quay, the Fullerton Hotel, the iconic Merlion, the Marina Bay Financial Centre, the Arts and Science Museum at the Marina Bay, the Singapore Flyer, the Esplanade, the Asian Civilizations Museum, the Old Hill Street Police Station and finally back to Clarke Quay.

Night River Cruise is also available with a Sea food dinner and a walk in the streets of Chinatown to enjoy the murals.

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum – The sacred Buddha tooth relic is housed in this temple for the devotees to venerate, in their love for the principles and philosophies of the religion of Buddhism. The whole world is traumatized by fear, anxiety and every possible suffering owing to the present situations prevailing.

Inspired by Maitreya Buddha’s true love for the world, the temple aims to:

  1. Promote Buddhism through relic veneration, culture and art

  2. Provide Buddhism courses and research, to the devotees and the visitors

  3. Relieve the suffering of all sentient beings

  4. Provide welfare services to the needy regardless of race, sex, religion or nationality.

The temple was inspired and built by combining the architectural styles of Buddhist Mandala and Tang Dynasty.

The multiple levels in the temple provide exclusive space for each of the activities carried out there. The museum houses the relics and gives us a glimpse into the monk’s life where he is named differently in two different themes as follows:

  • Shakyamuni Buddha

  • Maitreyi Buddha

All of their teachings and their significances can be well understood and appreciated if you visit this temple in Singapore.

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