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What is an Airport Taxi Transfers?

The transfers which help in commuting the people from the airport to their desired destination, be it their home or the hotel in which they have booked their stay or to a business meeting or an attraction, once after flying in to the airport of the city, is called an Airport Transfer.

Importance of Pre-booked Airport Transfers in Dubai (dxb)

Travelling to Dubai? Excited after landing at the Dubai International Airport (DXB)? You might not want to take the risk of trying to book for an airport pick up taxi in such a busy airport, after you have landed. The long queues waiting to hail a taxi from the airport, will surely disappoint you, after a long strenuous flight or when you are heading to an urgent business meeting from the airport. The cabs may never be available according to your convenience at the exact time you needed.

Airport Taxi Transfers Ulacab

Here comes Ulacab, the perfect travel companion, which allows you to pre-book your airport transfers. With it’s fleet of vehicles available, you can choose your vehicle type according to your level of luxury, your group size and you can also request for add-ons and Meet N Greet Services while pre-booking your vehicle. The few minutes you spend in pre-booking your airport transfer cabs with ulacab is going to guarantee you a stress free, hassle free relaxed arrival at the airport, as you are assured of the driver who would await your arrival at the airport, in the vehicle that you have chosen personally to suit your needs, to pick you up. Thus, you save a lot of time, which you would have spent otherwise in waiting in long queues at the airport, for the taxi, ending up in frustration.

Benefits of pre-booked Airport Taxi Transfers from and to Dubai Airport

The foremost advantage of pre-booking your airport transfers from the Dubai International Airport (DXB), is that you are assured of a vehicle waiting for you at the arrival terminal to pick you up without having to wait in queues while travelling with kids or elders.

The vehicle that comes to pick you up at the airport is the one that you choose at the time of pre-booking for the airport transfer. You can choose from the wide variety of vehicles in the fleet of ulacab according to your purpose and needs. You can also request for add-ons like a child booster seat, in case you travel with toddlers or babies.

The service of Meet N Greet also can be pre-booked too at the time of booking the vehicle itself, where the driver would hold a personalized sign board for the guests to meet him at the arrival terminal and he would escort them to the cab.

Why ulacab is the best airport transfer taxi in Dubai?

Reliable Airport Transfers – When you are done booking your flight tickets, the next action should be to pre-book your airport transfer via the global web booking app of ulacab. Once the bookings and the payments are made, the details of the vehicle and the chauffeur will be sent to the customer. Highly reliable and efficient airport transfer is possible. Ulacab currently operates in 60+ countries and 150+ cities worldwide

Complimentary Waiting Time – For all airport transfers booked with, the chauffeurs would wait for a time of 60 minutes, from the time of flight’s landing, to pick you up. For all other transfers, the waiting time would be 10 minutes. All these are free of charge and are complimentary when you book the transfers with ulacab.

All inclusive Prices – ulacab primarily aspires to make traveling at comfort affordable. So the fare that you pay at the end of your bookings is an all inclusive pricing. You need not shell out even a single penny out of your pockets after you board the taxi.

Meet N Greet Options – While you book for the service of airport transfer through the global web booking app of ulacab, there is an option Meet N Greet, where the chauffeur would wait for you at the arrival terminal with a sign board and he will receive you and guide you to the taxi that you have booked for. So if you are traveling with elders or toddlers, this option gives you great comfort.

Professional Chauffeurs – The drivers with ulacab are highly professional with good years of driving experiences in the streets of Dubai, so that they drive smoothly in the best possible safest routes and drop you at your destination as swiftly as possible.

Cancellation Policy – If your travel dates are changed and your plans are not working out the way it has to be, never worry! ulacab has flexible cancellation policies. The whole amount will be refunded back, if the cancellation is done 24 hours prior to the booking time. On purchase of upgraded refund germs at the time of booking, cancellations will get a full refund even if they are made three hours prior to the bookings.

How to pre-book Airport transfers Dubai with ulacab

The global web booking app of ulacab at is available to pre-book all your transportation needs in the city of Dubai.

On entering your travel dates and timings, the app would fetch the list of vehicles available for booking under different categories. Be it a sedan, an SUV, a mini – van or a mini- bus, you can choose your vehicle type appropriately depending on the level of luxury, the travel group size, luggage etc.

After choosing these fields, the option to buy upgraded refund terms would show up. If you are not very sure about your travel plans you can choose to buy in this as it would benefit in a greater way if you have to cancel your booking on the day of travel. (Kindly refer the cancellation policy).

Payments can be done via the Debit/ Credit cards via the app itself. The currency accepted as of now is the US dollar. So all transactions take place in a very secured and safe environment.

Things to do in Dubai

Burl-Al-Arab – World’s Tallest All Suit Hotel –  The hotel which is 14m taller than Eiffel Tower, majestically stands upright for 321m on the man-made island Palm Jumeirah. The shape is inspired by dhow sail and is considered the World’s only 7 Star hotel. Although there is no such rating of 7 stars for a hotel, the standards are far better than a 5-star hotel leading to the attraction of such a rating on day one of its opening. It is home to the first-ever 10000 sq. meter luxury terrace beach. A jaw-dropping fact is that the terrace was not built on the Burj Al Arab, it was constructed in Finland and divided into six parts, later shipped to Dubai for installation. The land of the desert also created the man-made beach with 1000 tons of white sand and water installed for its creation, the beach is also called Sunset Beach. A fun fact is that this beach is one of the most snapped places in Dubai. You would have viewed hundreds of menus to order your food, but here you can view your Pillow menu (yes, you read that right) to get your quality night’s sleep. From Horsehair pillow for your night sweats to beds crafted with finest eiderdown duvets, every feature speaks luxury. The whole universe is under one roof at the world’s largest Swarovski crystal ceiling of a Japanese Restaurant, Junsui Lounge-designed in the form of the Milky way and established at the worth of 1.3 million AED with 21,000 jewel crystals. In a nutshell, Burj Al Arab has 28 double-storey floors, 9 restaurants, a private man-made beach and 2 dramatic helipads with 202 accommodation suits. With the given features it is one of the costliest hotel suites in the world.

Burj Khalifa – Tallest Building in the World-Inspired by a Flower – From being the tallest free-structure building to having the longest elevator distance, it has its own features to boast about. The concrete used to build Burj Khalifa weighs around one lakh elephants and it also serves some adventure through its elevator by taking just one minute to reach the Observation Area on the 124th floor.

The Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa has no reception check-in, this makes the visitors feel at home. The Residential Lobby of the building displays legendary gold-plated ‘World Voices’ made out of stainless steel, brass, bronze and droplets of water being embedded with 196 cymbals denoting 196 countries. The fall of droplets creates a musical resonance to indicate the voices of the people across the world. It took approximately six years to build this masterpiece. At any given time 12,000 workers are found to be working to sculpt every tiny detail of it. Apart from Armani Hotel Dubai and Armani Residence the tower also has 3lakhs sq. ft. of office space and 1.85 million sq. ft. of Residential Space.

The quickest way to reach Burj Khalifa from Dubai International Airport is through cabs which approximately take anywhere between 7-15 minutes depending upon traffic and that’s when Ulacab comes into the picture to drive you to one of the iconic destinations in Dubai safely.

Atlantis the Palm Dubai – Don’t Miss the Largest Man-made Palm Tree Shaped Island.

Don’t Miss the Largest Man-made Palm Tree Shaped Island Palm Jumeirah.

This iconic island has numerous attractions to keep you engaged and serves as a mini-hub of a number of hotels with world-class infrastructure and hospitality. Atlantis, The Palm is one such hotel giving the vibe of entering into a whole new world. Located at the tip of the island, amongst majestic Dubai skylines and the Arabian Gulf, the Hotel serves more than 1500 rooms attached to Waterpark Aqua venture which is facing the private beach. Atlantis, The Palm provides non-stop entertainment for all types of groups be it, family or friends. A chance to witness another Guinness World Record of Dubai, The Palm Fountain being the world’s largest dancing waterfall colorfully spanning across the artery of The Pointe. The fountain begins its water dance every 30 minutes from sunset till midnight and is completely free of cost to visit.

On weekdays: The first show starts at 6.00 pm; the last show starts at 11.00 pm.

On weekends: The first show starts at 6.00 pm; the last show starts at 12.00 pm.

To completely enjoy, it is advised to come early to the spot or book a dinner table at restaurants near the waterside like Argentina Grill Restaurant on the west of the fountain serving Latin American Cuisine, Chuan for Chinese Cuisine, % Arabica with some Coffee delights for all the Coffee addicts. Different music is played at different ends of the fountain giving a unique visitor experience. The Palm Jumeirah is quick to reach through private hire cabs, which you can easily book with Ulacab and takes around 16-20 minutes to reach the restaurant.

Dubai Frame: Your Real-Life Filter For Social Media Posts – A new architectural marvel culturally connecting old and new Dubai is added to Dubai’s engineering encounters during 2018. This hidden gem doesn’t frequently appear on the internet as a place to visit. As the frame is visible from far-off places due to its gigantic structure of 500 ft., it will tempt you to visit even if it is not in your plan. It frames various other infrastructures built in the city, for example, imagine viewing Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and other city skylines through a golden frame. Test your inner photographer by trying to fit into the world’s largest frame. If the fact that it is a frame doesn’t excite you then, what if we tell there is a provision to visit the entire city from its top and a chance to know about Dubai’s past, present and future.

Sounds good?

Start by experiencing the old Dubai on the mezzanine floor through 3D projected videos at Past Dubai Gallery, getting to know how the small fishing village is transformed into one of the most attractive tourist places in the world will leave you amazed. Later, you can reach the sky deck through a glass lift, enjoying the panoramic view of the city. You can witness the wonders of present Dubai through Sheikh Zayed Road (which depicts modern Dubai) on one side and on the other side, you can witness old Dubai streets like Karama, and Deira. The floor contains a wide range of interactive activities to give your kids their best time. Test your guts walking over the world-famous transparent glass floor. Then the real fun begins when you get back to the mezzanine floor on the other side, entering into a tunnel-like structure designed with lights and filled with music to experience future Dubai.

The visitors can hardly find any taxis waiting at the exit of the frame, so it is best to book Ulacab’s private car rental as per your requirement at affordable rates or you can even book a round trip from your hotel or anywhere to Zabeel Park where the frame is located.

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